Personal Growth
Are you sometimes ...Pauls_logo_with_words

  Struggling with low self-esteem or worth
           Directionless without a map
  On the never-ending staircase
  Struggling with hard knocks
           Simply out of breath?

Get control of your life. It may be helpful to connect with Paul Lamb as your Personal Growth Coach to help you to help yourself– a step that is both logical and valuable.

Since 1989 Paul has found that a problem-based approach sinks people down into a perceptual muck and mire. As a Personal Growth Coach, with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment at hand, the most sought after indicator in the world, he uses a solution-focused approach to discover what you want. He can create a positive win-learn footing that moves you forward.

Design your own outing

Founded on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, these outings are designed to be fun, enlightening and allow for learning about yourself and others all at one time – what is that?!? It can answer many, many questions:

GIRLS` night out - A retreat developed especially for women. Enjoy heart-to-heart, open and carefree soution building as well as informative discussion topics… for just the girls! Topics include career, family, relationships, sex, finance, and more… 

GUYS` night out- Developed especially for men. Enjoy an all male forum where you can openly discuss topics such as career, family, relationships, sex, finance, and more.

COUPLES` night out - Enjoy a heart-to-heart open environment where you can strengthen your relationship with communication and solution building discussion. Learn more about each other with an intimate   retreat or a multi-couple retreat.

PARENTS` night out - An evening of uninterrupted intimate discussion on problem solving and family planning. Strategize towards cohesiveness in parenting, discipline, and communication. Leave the kids at home and discuss a difference that can make a difference to instill appropriately responsible growth in them.